Park Ridge Community Wide Garage Sale will take place September 9, 2023.  

To register for this years sale use the REGISTRATION tab on our website.  In order to be included on our Journal and Topics published list of sales this year please register for your garage sale to include Sept 9 (accompanying days before or after Sept 9 allowed) with the City of Park Ridge by registration deadline of August 15, 2023.

Keller Williams Realty Partners, 700 Busse Hwy, Park Ridge, IL 60068


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  1. Just received the flyer today for the garage sale on 9/11. I would like to register but is it too late to get a permit for the event?

  2. Hi there. Since today is such lovely garage sale weather (basically a rain out), we are planning to try for next weekend. Would anyone else be up for that? All the hard work is already done. Would there be any way to publicize it for next weekend? Thanks

  3. Hello! Will you please add to your Facebook page that we are postponing our sale day til Sunday? Our address is currently listed for Saturday. 1515 S Ashland Ave.

  4. Hi, I’m registered for the sale but have rec’d no communication. Are there signs your providing? Where can I confirm we are on the address list of sale locations?

  5. Hello. I just received the drop-off items for the sale. I noticed in your paper you have all of our items I typed up listed under someone else’s address.

    • Hi Kathy:

      You can register for the garage sale on this website using the register tab or go to the City of Park Ridge website and register for your garage sale permit. Bring us a copy of your permit so we can include you on the list of participants that will be printed in the Journal and Topics Newspaper special section dedicated to the garage sale. Bring permit to Keller Williams Realty Partners 700 Busse Hwy, Park Ridge

  6. Does the truck still come to all the homes after the sale to pick up donations or do we have to bring our leftover donations to the KW office?

  7. How do we get the official map or list of sales with the addresses. Is there any way to get it the day before. I plot the addresses in Google Earth and then plan the route. I can then put them in my GPS, so it’s great to get the list earlier than the day of. Looking forward to it!

    • Hi Vivian. In order to participate and be included on our list of garage sale hosts we will need a copy of your Garage Sale Permit issued by The City Of Park Ridge. There is a link on this website to get your permit. Bring copy of permit to our Keller Williams Realty Partners office at 700 Busse Hwy, Park Ridge before August 15 2018

  8. Great sale but i forgot shade in lamp sticker says nek sale. I think house on n. Lincoln and tough. Do u kniw house? Lil harris 773 809 9068

  9. I applied and got my permit well in advance of the cutoff date but my address is not listed on the master list of garage sale homes.I have also not received a packet.

  10. Hi there!
    I know this is late but my husband was supposed to sign us up for this garage sale and didnt do it!! Can you please still add us to the list? Or can we at least get a permit to be out there with our things? My address is 830 parkwood Ave.
    thank you,
    Rosetta Spatola

    • If you can bring your permit to our office we will try to add you to the map. When the office you can pick up a sellers packet and garage sale sign. Keller Williams Realty Partners. 700 Busse Hwy, Park Ridge.

  11. I have been approved for my garage sale permit and registered with this site for the sale. I do not have access at the moment to a printer or fax machine here at home. Is including the link to the permit here good enough to get me in the listing in the paper until I can get an actual copy to you late Tuesday or early Wednesday?

    Thank you for organizing this every year. It is a wonderful thing you do for this community.


  12. I would like to participate in this year’s Parkridge wide garage sale I’ve never done it before I’d like some information

    • Hello!
      In order to participate in the sale you need to live in the City of Park Ridge so you can host a sale at your property. The City of Park Ridge requires a permit to host a garage sale. They can be access on the City’s website or through the Registration link on our website. Bring us a copy of your permit and we will add your address to our 2017 map.

  13. Hi,
    When may I expect the garage sale packet to be dropped off at my house?

    Do I need to purchase additional garage sale signs to put around the neighborhood?

    I’m looking forward to s successful garage sale. The weather is going to be perfect.

    Adrienne Timm

  14. Hi…can someone confirm that my permit paperwork has been processed for 1800 s. Washington ave. I have not received confirmation. Sorry!

    Maria Rito-Foukas

    • Yes Maria – Your registration has been received and processed. One of our agents should be delivering your garage sale packet in the next day or two. Thanks for participating, hope you have a great sale.

  15. Hi Jean. Can you please confirm that you received the request for the permit for my mom, Judy Sersen at 1608 S. Courtland? She’s worried that she hasn’t gotten any type of confirmation. Thanking you in advance

    • Hi Judy,
      We will take care of this for you. Please bring your permit to our Keller Williams office at 700 Busse Hwy in Park Ridge. If you could include your phone number and email on the permit that would be great.
      There is a link at the top of this website to get your permit (next to the links for a map and registering).

    • Hi Mary Beth:
      We have added your name to the list of 2016 Garage Sale hosts. We will need a copy of your garage sale permit before the event. You can use our website to fill out the permit application and then print it.

    • Hi John:
      We have added your name to our garage sale list. We will need a copy of your Garage Sale permit. You can drop the permit off at our Keller Williams office 700 Busse Hwy, Park Ridge as soon as possible. If you have not registered on our website please do that as well.

  16. Yes I am interested in participating, 515 N Home Ave, and a couple of my neighbors will add to it. Thank you, Debbie Graziano

  17. Hi, I registered and emailed my garage sale permit by the deadline date, but don’t see my address listed (812 Florence Drive). Please let me know what else I need to do! This is my first time with the community wide sale.

      • Hi, I still don’t see my address on the list. Were you able to find my permit? Should I drop off another copy? Thanks!

      • Hi Colette,
        We have your permit and your address along with a list of what you are selling was printed in the Journal & Topics newspaper special garage sale supplement today. The online and printed map will be published soon, you will be on there as well.

  18. I see the list of addresses of participating homes in the community wide garage sale, but I do not see where it indicates what day(s) and time(s) those homes are opening for. How do I find out what days and what times those folks are open for?

  19. Hello. I faxed in our garage sale permit on Monday but don’t see our address (1320 Linden Ave.) listed on your online map yet. I was just checking to make sure you received it. I was also checking to make sure our house shows up on the south side of Talcott on the map because sometimes it appears on the north side of Talcott on some GPS systems (we get a lot of cold pizzas and once the fire truck couldn’t find our house!). Thanks for coordinating this.

    • Hi Julie:
      We will take a look at the pin location when we add it to the map. We had to suspend adding pins for a few days in order to meet our deadlines for the Journal and Topics Newspapers. We should have the map updated very soon.

  20. Hi – I signed up this morning and dropped of the permit. I also left a message. Is it too late to be included on the map? We were out of town and just got back on Sunday.

    • Hi Jim;
      There is still time to be included in the on-line map and the list of addresses that will be distributed on garage sale day. The only deadline that has passed is the one for the Journal and Topics Newspaper.

      • Thanks so much, Jean. I just want to make sure that you had our address listed as “South” Delphia. I noticed this morning that the map shows a sale at 1006 N. Delphia and wanted to make sure that wasn’t meant to be ours. Thanks again!

      • Good morning!
        We confirmed we have your permit and it clearly states SOUTH Delphia. We will add your address to our map begining tomorrow and include it on our updated list for the event. What map did you see the 1006 N Deplhia on? We don’t find that address anywhere in our files for this year.

  21. We forgot to reply in time to be on your map, but our next door neighbors did reply on time so we will share the customers.
    We have lamps, a high wheel bicycle, Filter queen vacuum, games, figurines, fashion jewelry and toys.
    1107 N Western Ave

    • Bring us a copy of your permit and we will add you to our online map. This way we can offer you the FREE garage sale signs and an opportunity to have your items picked up after the sale and donated to WINGS (if you like). Deadline for all of this is August 27. Only the Journal and Topics deadline has passed.

  22. I just signed up as Kelli Priest 815 Forestview. I was wondering if you could make sure it says Friday and Saturday we will be selling. Also under special items I just remembered we will be selling a 6 piece Girl’s bedroom furniture set.

  23. I have signed up at KW office for the sale. What can I look forward to receiving to use at garage sale and when?

    • About a week before the sale we will drop off signs, maps, a garage sale packet with suggestions for a successful sale and any other information you might need. If you have any other questions before that time, we are happy to help

      • Hi Jean: I signed up for the garage sale and just printed my Permit. Do I have to bring that to Keller Williams in order to get signs, etc ? Also, I forgot to mention that I will be selling 300 Beanie Babies if that could be added. Thanks so much.

      • Hi Paula:

        You can drop your permit at our office (700 Busse Hwy or fax it to us at 847-692-6179). We need to have it by August 27th! Thanks so much and welcome to the sale!

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